When I was pregnant with my oldest I was teaching middle school students neuroscience, growth mindset, social and emotional learning (SEL), and mindfulness. As I was teaching I found myself viewing it all through the lens of child development and early learning. My teaching experience started in early childhood so this made sense.

I wondered, “How might I foster a growth mindset, SEL, and mindfulness in my child from the start?”  Ironically, it is my two children that have taught me the most about growth mindset, SEL, and mindfulness. I am grateful.

The Brain in Bloom™ grew from this wonder and the integration of my personal and professional passion and purpose to share neuroscience, growth mindset, SEL, and mindfulness with others.

My hope is that together we share the power and potential of neuroscience, growth mindset, SEL, and mindfulness with others; grow this knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and skills in ourselves and others; and build a growth mindset early learning culture.

Thank you for joining me in the movement to celebrate every child’s brain in bloom.






Watch this video for an introduction to growth mindset.


Download the infographics to learn more about growth mindset & SEL.